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The 2017 Gathering for Pacific Islander Health was held in Honolulu, Hawai’i, October 3-5, 2017 with sessions at the Queen’s Medical Center. Check back for information about the 2018 Gathering for Pacific Islander Health!

This conference provides an opportunity for participants to share research and best practices; determine critical gaps in current knowledge and priorities for new research; establish best practices and culturally-informed guidelines for research; and develop academic-community partnerships to conduct research. The gathering engages diverse stakeholders in a forum to share current research and best practices, discuss and collaboratively set a meaningful research agenda, and build skills and partnerships for engaged research.

TARGET AUDIENCE The 2017 Gathering for Pacific Islander Health welcomes a wide group of participants, including academic researchers and educators, patients and caregivers, health and human services providers, community members, nonprofit organizations, policy and government agencies, and funding organizations.

The Gathering for Pacific Islander Health is the only conference in the continental US that focuses solely on the health needs of Pacific Islanders.



_MG_2558The 2017 Gathering for Pacific Islander Health will engage a diverse group of stakeholders to address these needs.

The gathering aims to:

  • Disseminate current knowledge, research, and best practices related to Pacific Islander health and research.
  • Facilitate an inclusive dialog with diverse stakeholders to set and address research priorities.
  • Develop the skills stakeholders need to conduct patient-centered, engaged research and facilitate partnerships.


Marshallese interpreter training November 2015The Gathering for Pacific Islander Health addresses several needs identified by Pacific Islander stakeholders:


1.) Although Pacific Islanders represent one of the fastest growing racial/ethnic populations in the United States (US) they are understudied and underrepresented in all types of health research. Very few resources and professional networks focus on Pacific Islanders, and no other conference in the continental US focuses solely on Pacific Islander health research.
2.) Pacific Islanders both in the US and US-Affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPI) face significant disparities in health outcomes and social determinants of health. Pacific Islanders live with a history of trauma that has led to apprehension about health researchers. Engaged research/PCOR methods are critical to overcoming this distrust, and Pacific Islander stakeholders identify gaps in training to conduct engaged research/PCOR.

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